Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Crowdtappin' It!

I'm sure you've seen my Crowdtap posts, like the Old Navy Spring Party and Summer Party and Playtex Sport Sample Share. I know many of you have joined and are Crowdtappin'. But, some of you haven't!
Signing up is easy, just have Facebook. Pick a charity. Earn points by participating (<--means you TAKE PART lol) in discussions. Also, do Quick Hits to earn you points. In discussions, the more active you are & the better your info is, the more likely to get starred (=points). Oh, did I mention that $ is involved?! Everyone likes green in their pocket! You can redeem your $$$ in amazon e-gift cards once you earn 9.99. And, 5% of the earnings goes to your charity and Crowdtap matches it! Soooo, why are you still here? 
Get Crowdtappin'!
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