Sunday, July 10, 2011

Old Navy Style Council: Summer Shorts Party!

Have I told you yet that...
I ❤ Old Navy & Crowdtap 
Crowdtap is an AWESOME site where you get to voice your opinions and try new products all for FREE! Old Navy is one of Crowdtap's many cool clients that does "parties" to gain knowledge about how their customers feel about their products and what can be done to change them to make them better....Hence, the Old Navy Style Council! Which I belong to *grin*. And you can too! All you have to do is sign up using your facebook account (so simple!) and start doing quick hits and discussions to earn MONEY (amazon e-giftcards) PLUS you get to pick a charity to help out at the same time! I have already earned over $55.00 and only been a member for 4 months! Plus, I've gotten to participate in 2 Old Navy parties now and a Playtex Sport Body Wipe Sample Share! Okay on to my latest....

I was picked for the Old Navy Summer Shorts Style Party. This one was a little different. I received the book with 4 coupons total in it for me and 3 of my friends. That's right....It's not just me that gets to benefit from this! You get to hook your friends up too and have a BLAST while doing it (woot woot!)! The coupons were for a pair of shorts, a top, and an accessory (included shoes, hats, belts, scarves, bags, sunglasses, and jewelry). What, you say? That's right...We ALL got to get more than just some shorts- we got a whole complete Old Navy outfit! Anyway....On to the party. We actually had a hard time coordinating this one as I ended up needing to do an orientation for clinicals at school and between my classes and everyone else's schedule, we barely made it work! I wish we could've gotten lunch afterwards and all shown off our super cool summer outfits! Being as it has been like 200 freakin' degrees here in South Carolina, we all were looking for light, summery materials. Here's some of our finds:

We all had a GREAT time, with a few mishaps. Our biggest complaint would have to be that our store was not stocked well at all. There were TONS of really cool styles to pick from, but *ahem* we are all a little bigger in the hips and the bigger sizes were non-existent. :( None of us are "plus size" so that wasn't the problem...It just seemed to be that all the cool styles (plaids and such) were only available up to a size 8. And if you were a size 2 (I mean c'mon, really?!) there would've been no problem for you at all! But, let's face it. I have a big butt. So, no size 2 (or even 8's for that matter) for me! My favorite pair was a lightweight cottony material with a drawstring in navy blue. I think they were supposed to be bathing suit coverup shorts, but they were super cute and soooo lightweight and airy, that I could totally see myself wearing them without my bathing suit. I believe the were called the Gauze Cover-up Shorts After searching around a bit, we all managed to find some cute little shorts that made each of us happy with our finds, but then we had to move on to finding a shirt to match. That actually proved to be a little simpler, but the sizes were still scarce unless you wore a small. (HINT--->Old Navy, we need more variety of sizes! We aren't all a stick with no shape! LOL) We all were heading for a more cool summer or beach look...I think because, like I mentioned above, it was like 200 degrees with humidity so thick you could karate chop it with your hands, LOL! I found a really cute summer tank top called the Knotted Racerback Tank that was a tie-dye affect in blue and gray. On to accessories...This was really fun! I have to say that I think accessories are my favorite part of an outfit because it really pulls it together and gives it that special look...For instance a cute pair of beaded sandals, beach hat, and sunglasses really make your tank top and shorts outfit look like a million bucks! I actually had a hard time with this...because I couldn't decide! I finally went with a pair of sandals in brown mostly because I had picked a navy blue outfit and all of my sandals I've bought so far this year (from Old Navy, lol!) have been silver and black. They were beaded with pinks and browns and actually looked great with my new outfit! Now....Where's the BEACH?! :)
  Thanks Old Navy & Crowdtap for all the fun!
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