Thursday, May 19, 2011

Playtex® Sport Body Wipes

I was recently picked on Crowdtap to sample and share about Playtex Sport's newest product, body wipes. I actually was really excited about this product because it is soooo hot here in SC and walking around campus at school can make you feel like you are melting...Who wants to sit in class like that?! Now, I haven't had a chance to actually use them for that yet, as I just started back to school today and it was unnaturally cool for May today (hey, I'm not complaining! LOL). But, I did get to share these with my daughter and a few girls from her soccer team during one of their last games. All of these girls are ages 10-12, so I didn't feel comfortable posting their pictures here without getting consent from each parent, so I decided to just share with you their thoughts and mine on the product. First of all, here's some information on the product itself:
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Comes in 2 convenient packaging; 24ct travel pack and 20ct box individually wrapped
  • 5.7in x 7.8in in size
  • Fresh & Clean Scent
  • Removes Dirt & Sweat
  • Great for the whole body!
What the soccer girls thought....Most of these girls go out to eat after practice and games, so I thought they would be excited to have something to wipe down with before going out with the family, and it wasn't that they didn't like them, but they were just like "cool" and "smells good". I asked them if they took the grimy sweaty feeling away after practicing and got "yeah". LOL I guess that's what I get with pre-teens, huh? Regardless, though, some of the other moms on the team were asking about them and wanting to get some to keep in their purses to have their daughters use to clean up after soccer, so I guess it wasn't a total bust. One of the mom's later came and told me how they went to eat after using them and she sat next to her daughter and she was surprised at how she didn't smell like the outside, she had a nice clean scent.

Now, how do I feel about these wipes?....I love they are alcohol-free, but I would imagine they would have to be or else they would probably cause a stinging or burning sensation when wiping sensitive areas, like under your arms or neck. The scent is almost like a cool cucumber smell-very light and refreshing. I like that a lot because I can't stand strong flowery smells...The size is okay. I almost think for what you are using them for (dirt and sweat) they could be a little larger...Like a 7x9 size. Though I think for young girls, this size is fine. I'm just a good bit larger than a 12 year old! ;)  I like the idea of having a travel pack to keep in my purse. Less mess to clean up, and easier to open. As for the usage, I have used them a few different times and I have not had a real complaint to give. They take care of the sweat and dirt, just as advertised! These will most definitely be a staple in my purse, especially for the summer months!Pin It

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