Monday, February 20, 2012

Shopping Day!

 So, I've had sick kids (sinus junk) for a few days now, and needless to say, they are starting to drive me bonkers with their bickering and bad moods. So, yesterday, I took off from my mom duties to do some much needed shopping. I went to CVS, BiLo, and Walgreens in the morning and then in the later afternoon/early evening, I headed back out to Publix and Target. Here's the totals:

(Nivea & Coldcalm)
Started out with $7 ECB's.
Subtotal $23.95
Savings/Coupons $23.95
TOOP $0.00
Savings of 100%

Left with 9.99 ECB's. 
(got2b products)
Subtotal $23.98
Savings/Coupons $23.98

TOOP $0.00
Savings of 100%

Subtotal $14.84
Savings/Coupons $12.75

TOOP $2.09
Savings of 86%

Subtotal $170.95
Savings/Coupons $114.18

TOOP $56.77
Savings of 67%
Subtotal $117.77
Savings/Coupons $60.89

TOOP $56.88
Savings of 52%
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Monday, February 13, 2012

New! Ocean Spray Fruit Snacks

As a member of quite a few sampling sites, I frequently get to try out new products. Sometimes I'm able to try these out before they are released in the stores, and sometimes it is about the same time as when you start seeing them on the shelf. As a member of Pssst, I recently received two boxes of their new fruit snacks. My kids really are not heavy fruit snack eaters as most of the time they prefer just to eat the fruit itself, but fruit snacks sometimes can be way more convenient to throw in your purse or lunch bag for on-the-go, so I was willing to let my kiddos give them a shot. There was a brand that I will not mention that we recently tried and none of us like them because they were way to sugary, so we were all a little reluctant. After hem hawing around, *I* finally tried the first packet. I figured, hey it's only 80 calories, so it would be a great treat to have during the day even with my constant calorie counting to lose weight. And, I was pleasantly surprised to find that they tasted delicious! The taste was amazing and the texture is just right. They are soft and fruity and just simply YUMMMY! So, I shared them with my family and to all of their surprise, they were just as pleased with the taste and texture! So, my family has a new snack to enjoy- one that we've already stocked up on!~ Thanks Ocean Spray for such a great new product!

Some of the perks:
  • Made with Real Fruit Juice,
  • Natural Flavors,
  • Natural Colors,
  • 100% Daily Dose of Vitamin C,
  • PLUS only 80 calories!
  • BOX TOPS are on this product! :)  

So, looking for some coupons? (thanks Southern Savers)

-$1.10/2 Ocean Spray fruit flavored snack boxes printable
-.50/1 Ocean Spray fruit flavored snacks, (zip 77477) printable
-.50/1 Ocean Spray fruit flavored snacks, SS 2/05
-.50/1 Ocean Spray fruit snacks printable
-.50/1 Ocean Spray fruit snacks printable

    *Note: I did receive this product free from Pssst! to try, but all of the comments here are truthful and my own.
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