Sunday, January 6, 2013

DIY: Magnetic Makeup Board

Pinterest is the devil. Seriously. You get on with the intention of just browsing or possibly pinning something you found interesting and the next thing you know, you've pinned 300 new pins and it's 3 hours later. And you have no idea what just happened. It's worse than alcohol. There is a dark spot where Pinterest took over! Now, with all that being said, I love Pinterest! Hehehe! So, since I only have 8 more days till the semester from hell starts back (Nursing 265/263- my third clinical semester), I thought, hmmmm....what if I get some things actually done around here that I've been pinning about for the last few months...ahem. Okay, years. :D

So, I'm sure by now you are saying, GET ON WITH IT ALREADY. So here it is, the simple tutorial about making your own magnetic board.

Sheet Metal 12x18 inches (Lowe's $4.77)
Fabric (Hobby Lobby with coupon $5.39)
Magnet 0.5x25" Roll (Michaels with coupon $3.59)
Mirror Corner Brackets (Walmart $1.47)
Salt & Pepper Clear Shakers (Walmart $0.97 for a pack of two)
Hot Glue Gun & Sticks (on hand)

First, I cut the fabric to have a lip around the entire board. Then, I simply hot glued all the edges down tightly to the back side of the board. I've read of others Mod Podge'n the entire thing, but I'm all about the instant gratification and that means I was going to need for it to dry....Lol. Next, I attached magnet strips to all of my eye colors and blushes. And, then, I used the brackets to attach it to the wall. I also used the salt & pepper shakers without their caps to form small baskets to hold some of my brushes and such by attaching magnet strips to them.

All in all, it turned out pretty well. I have to say that the board is not quite as magnetic as some of my dry erase boards and it seems to be a slight problem, as it is very easy to knock into the colors and have them all fall down. I may decide to cover a dry erase board when I make one for my daughter instead of this sheet metal. Or, Home Depot has a "galvanized" one for a few dollars more that may work better. But, as of right now, it works and it does what I wanted it to. However, I can say that the more magnet you get on the lid, the better it sticks. For instance, I cut most of my eye colors to be 1" strips, but a few of them I cut to be 1 1/4" strips. Amazing how that extra quarter makes them stick so much better! So, all in all I'm happy so, I say SUCCESS!

As for the cost of this- the yard of fabric would make at least 6 of these. The magnet strips would probably fill up about 6 of these as well. The corner brackets would attach two to the wall. And I used one and half packs of the salt and pepper shakers. So, the total for this altogether broken down, is  $8.47!

UPDATE: After using this for a few days, those strip magnets were absolutely not working on the sheet metal. I talked to hubby about it and he said my problem was not the metal, it was the strength of the magnets (oh! LOL). So, being in a hurry and not having any craft stores in my area to make a quick run to, I ran into Walmart and grabbed some round magnets in the craft section. They were about 6.00 for a pack of 52. That's a little high in my opinion, but I'm thinking you could probably find these at the craft stores that offer coupons and get them much cheaper! Anyway. I also took a picture of them with the salt and pepper shakers that I used as the clear containers to hold my brushes and eye liner pencils. I also included the mirror brackets so you could see what they looked like. :) Hope this helps!
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