Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Goldfish...Fishful Thinking?

Okay, so I've been checking out some new sites around the internet lately, and I've come across this one done by Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers called Fishful Thinking. I've been really impressed with just how much information they have on this site...There is a lot of stuff there that is really cool! For instance, under the Family Fun tab, there is a book club that really interests me. It even has discussion questions for like a small group or book club! I'm actually thinking about getting a few of my friends involved and seeing if we can't put together a book club and meet twice a month based on these suggestions. There is also some other really great links about teaching kids optimism and in this age, I think we can ALL use that! I know negative sources meet our kids everyday and tear them down. I try to make our home a positive one to help bring them up from all of the negativity they get from everywhere else, but I found this information to be very helpful! Also, there is a Featured Products tab...and I'm super excited about the new Goldfish Sandwich Bread! And there is so much more to check out too, like the Parent Survey! They even have a facebook page especially for Fishful Thinking. Hope you enjoy the site as much as me!Pin It

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