Friday, May 20, 2011

Old Navy Spring Accessories Party

I was recently picked to host a Spring Accessories Party by Old Navy and Crowdtap. The idea behind the party was to "Show your love for Old Navy by becoming a style ambassador and hosting a spring accessories party! can spread the word about Old Navy’s new spring accessories AND have a great time with your friends." I am always looking for a great excuse to have time to spend with my friends, especially since my summer semester was fast approaching! I was supposed to invite 3-5 friends and use Facebook to create the event. Then, a kit from Old Navy would arrive by UPS and have a sampling of accessories in it for my guests and I to experiment with and give opinions about. The kit was to include:

  • 5 Old Navy tote bags
  • 2 spring scarves
  • 1 pair of spring shades
  • 1 spring fedora hat
  • 1 spring saddle bag
  • 1 Old Navy Spring Accessories Sampling party booklet
  • 1 dry erase board and dry erase marker 
Actual Products Received
I love Old Navy, so I was pretty stoked to actually be included in this product sample share! I had just been shopping at Old Navy and bought quite a few things for myself and my kids, so I already had been checking out some of the new accessories the store's had out. When I got my package, I was disappointed though. The spring fedora hat was a size small and while I don't have a large head, it didn't fit quite right. And the sunglasses were bright red and look like something you would buy at the dollar shape to them at all! And the spring saddle bag....Seriously? It was dark blue grey and yellow....with tan leather accents. NOT spring or cute at all! Even my 11 year old and 6 year old daughters turned their noses up at it! And both "spring" scarves were neutral colors...One was black and white and the other dark brown and white. Well, after debating on it, I took the purse and hat up to the Old Navy store by my house and exchanged the hat for one in a bigger size (and in the lighter spring colors) and the purse for the yellow one. While the purse is still a horrible size and really not cute at all, at least it was a spring color. And the hat now fits! So, now I was ready for the party!

One thing I forgot to mention was, when I created my Facebook event, I had already determined what I wanted to theme my party around and I had created a game to play with the accessories. After receiving the kit though, it seemed that they wanted the hosts to choose from 2 different themes they had picked for us to do. Being as I had already invited my guests, I did not want to change up the flair of the party and to be honest, I thought my idea was better anyway! :D

Well, here is a few of my favorite pics from the party and you can check out more here.  

Okay, so as you can see from these pics and the ones on Facebook, we had a great time with this! The "theme" behind my party was for each guest to bring a few accessories of their own for everyone to "play" with. When everyone arrived, I had them place them in categories (scarves, hats & handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, gags, etc) and then we put them on the floor in a circle. Then, I took a bottle and placed it in the center...Like Spin the Bottle. And, the basic idea was that whatever you landed on, you had to pick one of the accessories from that category to wear, no matter how silly and try to make it work! It was a lot of fun and I think it really loosened things up for everyone! We also decided to let people "steal" each others accessories instead of spinning and then the "victim" that was stolen from would get to spin again. The top fav accessory was hands down the Old Navy Spring Fedora! Secondly, I would have to say the black and white scarf as it went around a few times as well. Surprisingly, the red sunglasses were actually really cute on, so a few of each were checking them out too. I think I liked them best as a hair accessory ;). The Old Navy Saddle Bag was probably least liked...And everyone loved their cute Old Navy tote bags! Thanks Old Navy and Crowdtap for giving me the opportunity to spend some time with my friends and share some of your newest accessories for the spring! Can't wait to see what you have for me next!

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