Monday, May 30, 2011

Nice Price on got2b styling products at Walgreens!

Okay, so I'm all about the free stuff! But, this is not a bad deal especially if you pair it with any of the other deals like the Goody's Powder deal (buy 6ct at 1.50, get 1.50 back in RR). In the April ALL YOU magazine (pg. 27) there are 2.00 off coupons. The got2b styling products are mostly priced at 5.99 but they are on sale for BUY ONE GET ONE FREE, meaning you get both for 5.99. Use both manufacturer coupons for 2.00 off since you are buying 2 items, and your total is now 1.99, making each styler only 1.00/0.99! If you were planning to do the Goody's powder deal, do 2 seperate transactions. First, do the Goody's, pay 1.50 (plus tax) and get back 1.50 RR. Then, do the got2b products and a filler item (your choice, I usually grab a 34 cent caramel!) and use both 2.00 coupons plus the 1.50 RR. Pay 0.83 for the stylers! :)   So, you got both stylers, the Goody powder, and a caramel (lol) for only 2.33 TOTAL OUT OF POCKET (TOOP), not including tax. Have fun!

*Note* I usually get one magazine in the mail and I buy a newstand version (b/c the newstand usually has better coupons than the mailed version), so I had 2 of these mags on hand to make this deal. I ALWAYS have made my $$ back plus some just like my newspapers, so I don't mind having 2! Just food for thought! :)Pin It

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


My best friend introduced me to this new coupon/deal site and I can't help but share as I think this is totally worth doing if you are interested in trying to get harder to find coupons! I've already begun working my way down the list...but here's the idea:

Every week you are supposed to email a company and tell them how much you like their products. You can ask for a coupon or not, its up to you. It's called the "Planning Ahead Project" <---Link to the blog. And here's a link to the spreadsheet with the results. Have fun and be sure to let me know how it turns out for you! :)

*Jif Peanut Butter sent me (2) coupons for 35 cents off each to my mailbox! This frequently goes on sale for 1.99, so each coupon will double at BiLo or Publix, so this makes PB for 1.29 a jar! Not free, but PB is one of those things that doesn't usually have high value coupons, so any coupons are great for me, especially with the summer now in full swing and kids home to eat and snack all day!Pin It

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Organizing Your Coupons and a DIY: Make Your Own Coupon Filing Box

This is similar to what I was using!
I decided to skip the drugstores this week as we have a huge stockpile and my daughter had 6 girls spending the night last night for her birthday party. So, I decided to share with you *how* I organize my coupons and what I recently made to help me do so. I have been using a 13 pocket expandable check-size little filer for my printables and such...But, here recently, it had gotten so full that I couldn't close it. Plus, I was always aggravated with only having 13 categories...I need my body soap in a different place from my toothpaste! Okay, I know I have organization issues, but it is just the way I am :D.  Anyway, I came up with this little box myself while trying to come up with a better way to organize my printables.

First, let me explain how I organize my coupons. I have a crate that has hanging file folders in it and each hanging file has the last 12 weeks or so of WHOLE inserts from my paper (time saver tip- DON'T CUT THE INSERTS!). I put a manilla folder in each hanging folder and a master list of the coupons I received for that week. I print the master list from here. The manilla folder is dated in pencil and I use it so that I can easily pull the whole week's inserts out and put them back when getting ready for a store trip. Then, my All You magazines are stacked behind the file folders, and my expandable full size filer with my store coupons and mailers are behind that. Then, I had a expandable check file (that I mentioned above is too small!) for my printables and loose manufacturer coupons. This works well for me considering the amount of time I have, plus I hate cutting coupons, so I prefer the whole insert vs the coupon binder. I also have a pocket folder notebook that just has pages with pockets in it. I labeled each pocket with a store (for me it is Publix, BiLo, CVS, Walgreens, RiteAid, and Walmart/Target with the last pocket housing my spreadsheet for my monthly savings and my SouthernSavers workbook). In each pocket, I have the current sales ad for that store, any other information for that store (coupon polices printed, store map, manager phone numbers/names), and a small plastic sleeve envelope. Each envelope is also labeled by store and it snaps shut in the front and has a pocket in the back. In the snap shut pocket, I put all the coupons that I'm planning to use for that week's trip and in the back pocket, I put the shopping list (folded) and any store coupons or coupons I want to check the price on. This works especially well for the drugstores because I keep all the "store currency" in each one and if I'm not sure if something is expiring soon, it is very easy to go check. Any questions? LOL~

Okay, so on to my box! I used a Kohl's gift box to make it, but any thinner cardboard would work...It just needs to be bendable. First, you need to figure out how big of a box you need (aka how hardcore of a couponer are you? lol). My first box was only about 2 inches in width, and when I put all my current printables in it, it barely fit. So, I decided to give that one to my best friend who hasn't quite gotten to my insane level yet (lol). And I made one that is about 3 inches in width. So far, it is working great! Here's the measurements to make the larger one (if you want a smaller version, just alter the bottom and top folds and side panels to be smaller). I also wanted my box to be made with the 5x8 inch index cards, so that my longer and larger coupons will still fit inside.

Cut a piece of cardboard 50 cm long and 21 cm wide. Measure folds at 14cm (front), 8cm (bottom), 14cm (back), 8cm (top), and 6cm (flap).

Cut a piece of fabric slightly larger than the piece of cardboard. Remember, the bigger the fabric, the more the inside will have a "lining" as well. I actually remade one and took the fabric all the way down past the "top" fold so that the whole top portion and flap are lined when you open it. Hot glue it down by gluing it at the bottom section, then glue at each fold to keep it tight fitting. Then fold over into the inside and glue it securely.

Here is what the outside of it will look like.

Now for the sides! You are going to take the same cardboard and measure out about 11cm wide and 26cm long. Then draw dividing lines (as shown) for the folds at about 1.5cm away from each side. Also, split the 26cm into (2) 13cm sections. Cut!

Here is what you will have.

Fold each side piece as shown.

Cover each piece in fabric.

Here is what it will look like covered.

Hot glue securely as shown, bringing the box together.

What the side looks like when done.... (*note* this one is of the smaller 2" sides)

Here is mine, fully decorated! I added a bit of trim to the flap and also I did a velcro closure.
Here is how I made my dividers...Take 5x8 index cards and get the Post It Durable Filing Tabs. These are the most expensive items you will buy for this project! Tab up your index cards and write your categories on them! I used 25 index cards as of right now and I wrote in pencil so if I decide I need to change anything, I don't have to buy tabs again! Another good thing about these tabs is the fact that they remove and restick very easily!
Here is my box on the inside!
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Friday, May 20, 2011

Old Navy Spring Accessories Party

I was recently picked to host a Spring Accessories Party by Old Navy and Crowdtap. The idea behind the party was to "Show your love for Old Navy by becoming a style ambassador and hosting a spring accessories party! can spread the word about Old Navy’s new spring accessories AND have a great time with your friends." I am always looking for a great excuse to have time to spend with my friends, especially since my summer semester was fast approaching! I was supposed to invite 3-5 friends and use Facebook to create the event. Then, a kit from Old Navy would arrive by UPS and have a sampling of accessories in it for my guests and I to experiment with and give opinions about. The kit was to include:

  • 5 Old Navy tote bags
  • 2 spring scarves
  • 1 pair of spring shades
  • 1 spring fedora hat
  • 1 spring saddle bag
  • 1 Old Navy Spring Accessories Sampling party booklet
  • 1 dry erase board and dry erase marker 
Actual Products Received
I love Old Navy, so I was pretty stoked to actually be included in this product sample share! I had just been shopping at Old Navy and bought quite a few things for myself and my kids, so I already had been checking out some of the new accessories the store's had out. When I got my package, I was disappointed though. The spring fedora hat was a size small and while I don't have a large head, it didn't fit quite right. And the sunglasses were bright red and look like something you would buy at the dollar shape to them at all! And the spring saddle bag....Seriously? It was dark blue grey and yellow....with tan leather accents. NOT spring or cute at all! Even my 11 year old and 6 year old daughters turned their noses up at it! And both "spring" scarves were neutral colors...One was black and white and the other dark brown and white. Well, after debating on it, I took the purse and hat up to the Old Navy store by my house and exchanged the hat for one in a bigger size (and in the lighter spring colors) and the purse for the yellow one. While the purse is still a horrible size and really not cute at all, at least it was a spring color. And the hat now fits! So, now I was ready for the party!

One thing I forgot to mention was, when I created my Facebook event, I had already determined what I wanted to theme my party around and I had created a game to play with the accessories. After receiving the kit though, it seemed that they wanted the hosts to choose from 2 different themes they had picked for us to do. Being as I had already invited my guests, I did not want to change up the flair of the party and to be honest, I thought my idea was better anyway! :D

Well, here is a few of my favorite pics from the party and you can check out more here.  

Okay, so as you can see from these pics and the ones on Facebook, we had a great time with this! The "theme" behind my party was for each guest to bring a few accessories of their own for everyone to "play" with. When everyone arrived, I had them place them in categories (scarves, hats & handbags, sunglasses, jewelry, gags, etc) and then we put them on the floor in a circle. Then, I took a bottle and placed it in the center...Like Spin the Bottle. And, the basic idea was that whatever you landed on, you had to pick one of the accessories from that category to wear, no matter how silly and try to make it work! It was a lot of fun and I think it really loosened things up for everyone! We also decided to let people "steal" each others accessories instead of spinning and then the "victim" that was stolen from would get to spin again. The top fav accessory was hands down the Old Navy Spring Fedora! Secondly, I would have to say the black and white scarf as it went around a few times as well. Surprisingly, the red sunglasses were actually really cute on, so a few of each were checking them out too. I think I liked them best as a hair accessory ;). The Old Navy Saddle Bag was probably least liked...And everyone loved their cute Old Navy tote bags! Thanks Old Navy and Crowdtap for giving me the opportunity to spend some time with my friends and share some of your newest accessories for the spring! Can't wait to see what you have for me next!

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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Playtex® Sport Body Wipes

I was recently picked on Crowdtap to sample and share about Playtex Sport's newest product, body wipes. I actually was really excited about this product because it is soooo hot here in SC and walking around campus at school can make you feel like you are melting...Who wants to sit in class like that?! Now, I haven't had a chance to actually use them for that yet, as I just started back to school today and it was unnaturally cool for May today (hey, I'm not complaining! LOL). But, I did get to share these with my daughter and a few girls from her soccer team during one of their last games. All of these girls are ages 10-12, so I didn't feel comfortable posting their pictures here without getting consent from each parent, so I decided to just share with you their thoughts and mine on the product. First of all, here's some information on the product itself:
  • Alcohol-Free
  • Comes in 2 convenient packaging; 24ct travel pack and 20ct box individually wrapped
  • 5.7in x 7.8in in size
  • Fresh & Clean Scent
  • Removes Dirt & Sweat
  • Great for the whole body!
What the soccer girls thought....Most of these girls go out to eat after practice and games, so I thought they would be excited to have something to wipe down with before going out with the family, and it wasn't that they didn't like them, but they were just like "cool" and "smells good". I asked them if they took the grimy sweaty feeling away after practicing and got "yeah". LOL I guess that's what I get with pre-teens, huh? Regardless, though, some of the other moms on the team were asking about them and wanting to get some to keep in their purses to have their daughters use to clean up after soccer, so I guess it wasn't a total bust. One of the mom's later came and told me how they went to eat after using them and she sat next to her daughter and she was surprised at how she didn't smell like the outside, she had a nice clean scent.

Now, how do I feel about these wipes?....I love they are alcohol-free, but I would imagine they would have to be or else they would probably cause a stinging or burning sensation when wiping sensitive areas, like under your arms or neck. The scent is almost like a cool cucumber smell-very light and refreshing. I like that a lot because I can't stand strong flowery smells...The size is okay. I almost think for what you are using them for (dirt and sweat) they could be a little larger...Like a 7x9 size. Though I think for young girls, this size is fine. I'm just a good bit larger than a 12 year old! ;)  I like the idea of having a travel pack to keep in my purse. Less mess to clean up, and easier to open. As for the usage, I have used them a few different times and I have not had a real complaint to give. They take care of the sweat and dirt, just as advertised! These will most definitely be a staple in my purse, especially for the summer months!Pin It

Thursday, May 5, 2011

$64.25 Subtotal - Savings/Coupons = 1¢

Well, I'm behind with sharing about my trip from last week, and its already time for me to go to the grocery store again today, but my baby girl is running a 102 fever, so we won't be doing any shopping today! But, that's okay...I was only buying a few things this week anyway! Maybe I can go later today when Shannon gets home from dialysis or tomorrow if she is feeling better. Anyway, I apologize for being so late with my totals and not having the usual pics to go along with it, but final exams took priority this week!
There was a lot of good freebies that would give you overage this week, so I was super excited to go! My first transaction was the picture to the left. It was my favorite because of all the John Frieda hair products, my favorite!
Subtotal 64.25 - 64.24 Savings/Coupons 
= 0.01 Order Total (tax was 3.89, not included)
 Savings of 99.9%
Now, on to groceries....I didn't do as well as the previous transaction, but I actually bought quite a few things that were not on sale (I just wanted them, lol), so I feel pretty good about the total transaction.

Subtotal 160.50 - 94.42 Savings/Coupons 
= 66.08 Order Total 
Savings of 59%

I did better this week here than what I usually do...Sometimes I wonder why I don't just go to Publix only, but then I have a week like this and I realize why. A big thing is just the fact that they double coupons up to 60 cents...And you won't believe how many coupons are 55 and 60 cents! Here's what I got:
Scoopable Cat Litter
5  Colgate MaxFresh Toothpaste
2 Minute Maid OJ
3 Lean Cuisine Market Fresh Meals
4 Bird's Eye Voila! Family Size Meals
4 Bird's Eye SteamFresh Veggies
Mayfield Half Pint Ice Cream (hubby's treat for going!)
Subtotal 74.43 - 54.32 Savings/Coupons 
= 20.11 Order Total (tax was 0.99, not included)
                        Savings of 73%


I actually went to CVS twice. Once Saturday evening because Shannon has this *certain* kind of toothpaste that he likes and he gets all frustrated when he doesn't have it. And of course, I've been out. I got 5 tubes of it at BiLo for 99 cents a tube, but FREE is always better, even if there is a limit of 2 at CVS! Anyway, the reason I went Saturday evening to get it was because my coupons for it were expiring 4/30 (Sat) and for some reason Colgate must think people in SC don't brush or we are all toothless hillbillies because almost everytime we are supposed to get those coupons, they are missing! Needless to say when I finally do get some Colgate coupons that can be used on any Colgate or Colgate MaxFresh, I'm excited! It's almost as good as getting Mentos Gum coupons! :D I don't have a picture of Sunday's transaction, sorry! Now let me tell you about what happened on Saturday. I got there and realized the Colgate had been on sale for 1.97 a tube the previous week, so that sale was still on meaning more than likely the ECB were not going to print. So, I asked my AWESOME manager at CVS and she said it was not a problem that they would just force print them, and thanks for letting them know so they can take care of it! So, I ended up getting 2 tubes for 1.94 after coupons and then got (2) 3.00 ECB back! Well, that was an even better deal than I had hoped for! They paid me to take them out the store! I love when that happens! :D And of course, the Dove Men's deodarant was on sale for 99 cents, and I had 3 1.00 coupons so they were FREE too! Here's the totals for Saturday:
Subtotal 21.35 - 20.40 Savings/Coupons 
= 0.95 Order Total (tax was 0.48, not included)
+6.00 in ECB
Savings of 96%
When I went back on Sunday, I was just getting a couple cleaning products, 3 to be exact: Cascade Dishwasher deteregent, Mr Clean Magic Eraser, and Mr Clean All Purpose Cleaner. Here's the total:
15.07 Subtotal - 12.81 Savings/Coupons
= 2.26 Order Total (tax was 0.49, not included)
+3.00 ECB
Savings of 85% 

And I will have to get Walgreens and Rite Aid another day, because I'm tired and want to go to bed! LOL!
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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Mailbox Goodies!

I thought I'd share what I got in my mailbox today...I love getting trials, samples, and freebies! Plus, you know I love me some good ol' coupons! My favorite thing to do with sample size stuff is to throw it in a box in my closet and then when we go on vacation, or even just overnight, I have plenty of small sizes to grab and pack, plus I have the luxury of trying a new product! Another great use is for when you have company or your kids have a friend spend the night and a personal hygiene product (deodorant, toothpaste, shampoo, etc) is forgotten. You can just let them pick and most of the time that is super fun for them anyway! Another thing I do, is keep a box of makeup and other fun items for the girls to play with when they have sleepovers. I might have to share it actually on another day.  But back to the mail, its like Christmas when I open my mailbox...I used to hate opening it to all the crappy medical bills we have with Shannon's dialysis and everything else, but now I get excited to open it and see it STUFFED full of goodies! Here's the rundown...
  • 2 packs of Kotex U samples (not sure why I got 2?) each with 1.00 off coupon, 2 tampons, 1 pad
  • Vocalpoint Breve Cream Coffee Creamer Pack with disposable coffee cup, (5) 55 cent coupons, 1 FREE coupon and a "I'll Be Back @ __" sign
  • 1 Sheet of Duck Tape in Zebra (not sure what I want to do with it yet, but it looks cool!)
  • Another 3.00 check from Pinecone Research!
  • 1 Free Bottle of Suave Professionals coupon
  • Jiffy Mixes Cookbook (really cool camping recipes inside, can't wait to take with me this summer!)
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