Saturday, January 31, 2015

Happy Underarms!

About a month ago, my husband had to be transferred by ambulance to a hospital two hours away. It was unexpected, and I had only grabbed a few things from the house when we left for the local hospital's ER. He is immunosuppressed related to a recent kidney transplant, and he had contracted a lovely cold. The cold that would've made you and me sneeze, cough, and maybe take some OTC meds, put him in the ICU for two days because he went septic less than 12 hours after showing symptoms. The whole experience lasted about 7 days and was extremely unpleasant, to say the least. We were stuck away from the kids with very little essentials, no vehicle, and in a stressful situation.

But, all is good now! :)

On to the point- "very little essentials". Y'all. Seriously. Not having clean underwear is probably one of the worst things....ever.


And having no deodorant.

Being in a situation like that was so stressful by itself, and not having those simple two things that we all take for granted just added to the nightmare of it all.

So, when I got home, there was a little package in my mailbox. And inside was deodorant. It made me smile the kind of smile that lights up your whole face. It was such a good smile. It makes me smile to think about that smile!

I belong to a sampling site called Influenster and I get to try new products and review them. So, in my mailbox was one of the new Unilever Dry Spray deodorants. Specifically, I received the Degree MotionSense DrySpray in Fresh Energy scent. After using the junk at the hospital for a week, I was thrilled to try something new under my arms.

Now, it's important to note that it is an antiperspirant. If you don't already know the difference between and antiperspirant and a deodorant, I'll tell you. The hospital had deodorant. All deodorant does is provide a nice refreshing scent for those pits. And that scent doesn't cover stress-related sweating stinky-ness when you are staying two hours away in the hospital with your husband having all kinds of craziness going on. Deodorant is for people that really just need perfume. Deodorant doesn't work.


Antiperspirant on the other hand, is just that- it is made to help stop you from sweating. So, always pick the antiperspirant, if you sweat. I really don't even know why they make deodorant that is only deodorant because it doesn't work.

Now, on to my review.

Using this product was different. I have never used a spray deodorant before, so the first thing I did was read the directions on how to apply on the back of the bottle. You need to shake well before every use.


How well is well? A minute, 10 seconds, 20 seconds...? Cause my arm got tired after like 30 seconds. So, I go with about 6 good shakes and it seems to work.

Next, you are to hold about 6 inches from the skin and spray on to the underarm. That was easy enough. It is a cold feeling, so make sure you are ready for it. It's not too unpleasant, but being that it is kinda chilly right now outside, it is a little startling first thing in the morning.

As for how it works, I haven't had any complaints. It works, and that's the most important thing. It has a nice, clean, refreshing scent. However, you do need to make sure when you are spraying it to hold your face away from the general area because it will make you feel like you are choking if you accidentally breathe it in. Again, please just trust me. Don't breathe it in. You will feel like your throat is on fire and you are suffocating.

The back of the bottle claims it will last up to 8 weeks. I'm thinking that's a pretty accurate measurement if you apply once a day, which is how I use it. It says it is a 48 hour anti-perspirant, but I have not found it to continue to last past the 24 hour marker. Or maybe I'm just stinky or something. Whatever.

I plan to keep buying the stuff. I like the fact that it doesn't get on my clothes, and it doesn't leave a buildup feeling under my arms. Plus, I don't know whether I've gotten old (GASP) or whether my skin is just getting more sensitive, but I have found that regular stick deodorant has been making my underarms break out a little. Which is weird. And I tried switching brands. Since using this, it has all cleared up. Which makes my underarms happy...

And happy underarms are the best! So, try some, and make your underarms happy! :)

**Disclaimer: I received this product for free to review and provide honest feedback. All of the opinions expressed here are my own.Pin It