Thursday, May 5, 2011

$64.25 Subtotal - Savings/Coupons = 1¢

Well, I'm behind with sharing about my trip from last week, and its already time for me to go to the grocery store again today, but my baby girl is running a 102 fever, so we won't be doing any shopping today! But, that's okay...I was only buying a few things this week anyway! Maybe I can go later today when Shannon gets home from dialysis or tomorrow if she is feeling better. Anyway, I apologize for being so late with my totals and not having the usual pics to go along with it, but final exams took priority this week!
There was a lot of good freebies that would give you overage this week, so I was super excited to go! My first transaction was the picture to the left. It was my favorite because of all the John Frieda hair products, my favorite!
Subtotal 64.25 - 64.24 Savings/Coupons 
= 0.01 Order Total (tax was 3.89, not included)
 Savings of 99.9%
Now, on to groceries....I didn't do as well as the previous transaction, but I actually bought quite a few things that were not on sale (I just wanted them, lol), so I feel pretty good about the total transaction.

Subtotal 160.50 - 94.42 Savings/Coupons 
= 66.08 Order Total 
Savings of 59%

I did better this week here than what I usually do...Sometimes I wonder why I don't just go to Publix only, but then I have a week like this and I realize why. A big thing is just the fact that they double coupons up to 60 cents...And you won't believe how many coupons are 55 and 60 cents! Here's what I got:
Scoopable Cat Litter
5  Colgate MaxFresh Toothpaste
2 Minute Maid OJ
3 Lean Cuisine Market Fresh Meals
4 Bird's Eye Voila! Family Size Meals
4 Bird's Eye SteamFresh Veggies
Mayfield Half Pint Ice Cream (hubby's treat for going!)
Subtotal 74.43 - 54.32 Savings/Coupons 
= 20.11 Order Total (tax was 0.99, not included)
                        Savings of 73%


I actually went to CVS twice. Once Saturday evening because Shannon has this *certain* kind of toothpaste that he likes and he gets all frustrated when he doesn't have it. And of course, I've been out. I got 5 tubes of it at BiLo for 99 cents a tube, but FREE is always better, even if there is a limit of 2 at CVS! Anyway, the reason I went Saturday evening to get it was because my coupons for it were expiring 4/30 (Sat) and for some reason Colgate must think people in SC don't brush or we are all toothless hillbillies because almost everytime we are supposed to get those coupons, they are missing! Needless to say when I finally do get some Colgate coupons that can be used on any Colgate or Colgate MaxFresh, I'm excited! It's almost as good as getting Mentos Gum coupons! :D I don't have a picture of Sunday's transaction, sorry! Now let me tell you about what happened on Saturday. I got there and realized the Colgate had been on sale for 1.97 a tube the previous week, so that sale was still on meaning more than likely the ECB were not going to print. So, I asked my AWESOME manager at CVS and she said it was not a problem that they would just force print them, and thanks for letting them know so they can take care of it! So, I ended up getting 2 tubes for 1.94 after coupons and then got (2) 3.00 ECB back! Well, that was an even better deal than I had hoped for! They paid me to take them out the store! I love when that happens! :D And of course, the Dove Men's deodarant was on sale for 99 cents, and I had 3 1.00 coupons so they were FREE too! Here's the totals for Saturday:
Subtotal 21.35 - 20.40 Savings/Coupons 
= 0.95 Order Total (tax was 0.48, not included)
+6.00 in ECB
Savings of 96%
When I went back on Sunday, I was just getting a couple cleaning products, 3 to be exact: Cascade Dishwasher deteregent, Mr Clean Magic Eraser, and Mr Clean All Purpose Cleaner. Here's the total:
15.07 Subtotal - 12.81 Savings/Coupons
= 2.26 Order Total (tax was 0.49, not included)
+3.00 ECB
Savings of 85% 

And I will have to get Walgreens and Rite Aid another day, because I'm tired and want to go to bed! LOL!
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