Saturday, July 2, 2011

6 Months of Savings....Is it worth it?

Here is my total savings for the months of January, February, March, April, May and June 2011. 
This includes ALL of my shopping trips to buy household necessities, products, and groceries regardless of whether I shopped the sales or just simply bought!
Subtotal before savings/coupons= 1439.95
Total Savings= 837.20
Total OOP= 602.75
Savings of 58%

Subtotal before savings/coupons= 1492.68
Total Savings= 974.76
Total OOP= 517.92
Savings of 65%

Subtotal before savings/coupons= 1695.41
Total Savings= 1205.34
Total OOP= 490.07
Savings of 71%

Subtotal before savings/coupons= 1373.07
Total Savings=915.51
Total OOP=457.56
Savings of 66%

Subtotal before savings/coupons=1120.65
Total Savings=811.16
Total OOP=309.49
Savings of 72%
Subtotal before savings/coupons=1235.13
Total Savings=947.28
Total OOP=287.85
Savings of 77%

So, if you add it all up....
6 Month Totals
Subtotals before savings/coupons=8356.89
Total Savings=5691.25
Total OOP=2665.64

Savings of 68% over 6 Months!

This is an average of 444.27 spent A MONTH for my family of 5!  This doesn't include rebates or another other survey rewards or samples or anything! I think this is well worth my time and effort, how about you? ;)Pin It


  1. I'm a little confused.

    I added the total savings amounts and got your total of $5691.25.

    However, when I added the subtotals for the six months before savings/coupons I got $8356.89

    The average savings would be 68%.

    I wouldn't even have thought to re-run your totals if your average savings had not exceeded your HIGHEST monthly savings. That just isn't possible.

  2. LOL Not sure what I did...You know looking back, it does seem awfully high! :D I'm changing it right now...I was doing this sleep deprived, I'm afraid. School, kids, disabled hubby, and life has been seriously kicking my butt! Thanks for correcting me! :)