Saturday, July 2, 2011

Grocery Shopping (Last Week)

With all of my tests last week and trying to pack to go camping for the weekend, I never got around to posting about my grocery trip...So here's a quick breakdown!

PUBLIX (grocery)
64.13 Subtotal  - 40.78 Savings = 23.35 TOOP

PUBLIX (non-grocery)
23.83 Subtotal - 19.53 Savings = 4.30 - 4.30 Gift Card= 0.00 TOOP
*I had this gift card to Publix as part of a rebate that I did a few months back.
I was excited to get the flashlights for free right before we went camping! I've been trying to get some ever since they went on sale (green advantage flyer) but they were always gone. That and the OFF refills and the Lysol soap dispensers...That I still never managed to find. Oh well! It was still nice to get toilet paper, flashlights, aspirin, and cups for FREE! :)  Just as as side note, I like to seperate my transactions into food/non food because for me, while it is cool to see the food I get for a good price, it is more exciting to me to see the savings on the non-food flashlights! Who would've ever thought you could get flashlights for free?!

I really wasn't doing Bilo this week for any reason other than to use a few coupons that were expiring and to get some drinks for this weekend's camping trip. I actually made two trips because I needed the water too. No pic of the water trip, sorry! I was grabbing it on the way out to Brevard, NC on Friday morning!
1st trip (pictured)
35.40 Subtotal - 24.79 Savings = 10.61 TOOP

2nd trip (not pictured)
2 cases of Aquafina Water 24 pk
2 cartons of Propel Zero Powder Mixes
18.98 Subtotal - 13.00 Savings = 5.98 TOOP

So my total savings on my grocery trip this week....
142.34 Subtotals - 98.80 Savings = 43.54 TOOP 
A Total Savings of 69%!

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