Saturday, July 2, 2011

FREE Toilet Paper and My Grocery Day!

FREE TOILET PAPER! Who doesn't love free toilet paper?! This was a deal at CVS that was for this past week's drugstore deals that I was supposed to not be shopping due to my camping trip. But, when I saw this post from Hip2Save...Well, how could I NOT resist? :D

So, 6.95 Subtotal - 6.95 Savings/Coupons = 0.00 TOOP

So, now on to my Publix trip....I did 2 transactions to show the total savings between food and non-food items like usual.
1st Transaction
131.15 Subtotal - 112.48 Savings/Coupons = 18.67 TOOP

2nd Transaction
36.98 Subtotal - 34.81 Savings/Coupons = 2.17 TOOP

*Side Note: I know it seems silly to "buy" items that you don't use...For instance, this week, the Tena pads were 0.19 together after savings/coupons. Why would I buy that, you ask. Because I save enough to donate to someone that can use them. I feel like in my families medical situation, we receive a lot of assistance and help and if this is a way for me to give back to someone else, then why shouldn't I? I always buy things like this that are free or under $1 and donate to either places I know can use the help or to friends/family members that I know can use the help.

Next, up is my Bilo trip. I really do love Bilo, but here lately I have had some really crappy cashiers. She rang me up for 5 Smart Balance milks (only had 4 and I was using a raincheck) and tried to only give me 1.16 on my free bag of Ore-Ida sweet potatoes fries coupon (she was trying to give me the savings off of the price, not the price of the potatoes), and she forgot a BOGOF coupon on my whole-grain Chef Boyardee pasta. This is like the 3rd time I've had a problem there (all different cashiers) &  it is aggravating. If customer service wasn't so wonderful, I might would find a new one to shop at! Anyway, hopefully they will start getting these ladies better trained!
39.96 Subtotal - 31.15 Savings/Coupons = 6.90 TOOP
215.04 Subtotal - 185.39 Savings/Coupons = 29.65
A Total Savings of 86%!
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  1. Wow great job. Stop by to LINK UP your shopping trips every FRIDAY.

  2. Thanks! :) I checked you out, and really like your blog (and now I'm a follower, lol...That sounds so cult like, doesn't it? :D )