Saturday, July 2, 2011

(Another Late Post, sorry!) Sunday Drugstores, FREE EGGS, and a small rant....

Sorry this is way late, but for some reason, I saved this instead of posting about it? Not sure what was up with that...I guess maybe because I  didn't break down the drugstores all the way...Anyway. It's the June 19th shopping week at the drugstores.

Paid 1.13 Total after rebate or 6.13 before rebate!

Okay, eggs were free for me because I had RR from Walgreens to get them, but 99 cents for a dozen eggs isn't a horrible price either! I'm going away for the weekend next week, so even though I didn't really think this was a great week for any of the stores...Or I guess I should say it was not anything I was overly excited about getting.
We have most of this stuff already stockpiled, so it just gets added to the stockpile closet. I want to mention though, that while I DO have lots of stuff, I don't usually ever by more than 2-3 of anything and if I do, it is because we DO use it that much. I'm not a crazy extreme couponer. I meet a very nice lady today in CVS, but she was bragging about an extreme couponer and her buggy was stocked FULL of things. I'm not even sure how she gets around the limits...And to be honest, I don't want to know! I have no problem following the "rules" of couponing and getting PLENTY for my family, PLUS I have my friends and family raid my stockpile (grocery and drugstore items) all the time to help them out. So, following the rules has NOT caused me to loose any money AT ALL. There is no need to have 300 (or even 50) of anything! Okay, rant about extreme couponing over (LOL!).

Totals for the Drugstore Trips
121.58 Subtotals - 115.45 Savings/ Coupons = 6.13 TOOP 
Savings of 95%! 

And actually, I'm getting a 5.00 Rebate back from the Gatorade products, so TOOP is going to be 1.13 or a savings of 99%! 
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