Wednesday, April 20, 2011

This is as "Extreme" as it gets...

Okay, I know a lot of you are watching it...Extreme Couponing on TLC. I have not and probably will not. The reason why is very simple- IT IS NOT REAL. Just like most of tv, this show is not really realistic. Stores bend their coupon policies to allow these people come in and show a crazy amount of coupons to be used. Sometimes they even allow coupons to be used for items that are not the correct items...Coupon FRAUD! And you want to know why they do it? Because it is free publicity for their store! It really is a mess...Not to mention, I can't name a single store where you can go in and buy 100 of anything...It simply is not going to be in stock like that! Most stores also have limits (mostly because of this stupid show). It is ruining it for the real couponers. And it makes us all look like crazy insane freaks. LOL

This aggravates me mostly because I don't normally buy obscene amounts of anything, but Shannon chews gum like crazy for his medical condition. And he ONLY likes Mentos Pure Fresh in Fresh Mint. I spend tons of money to keep him supplied...he uses it to keep his fluids down therefore keeping his heart from working too hard. In other words, if he drinks to much fluid, he can have severe heart issues from it. Well, the big packs were on sale this week at Publix BOGOF for 3.29, making each pack 1.64 and with the coupons I have for 1.00 off 1 pack, it makes each pack 64 CENTS! Awesome deal. So, I bought 30 coupons on eBay for this sale. And when I got to the store, they have a 5 BOGOF limit, meaning I can only buy 10 packs. I was disappointed, but I understood...Until I realized they only had 5 packs total of his kind. Very disappointed now, but at least the guy at customer service was extremely helpful and let me get a raincheck for 10. So, I'm hoping to hit them up again this weekend to grab 10 more packs and then again after the sale ends to use my raincheck before my coupons expire on 4/30/11.

But, enough on "extreme couponing"...Here is the REAL thing!
(Ha, I didn't realize my cat was in the pic till just now!)
 This is a combination of Publix and BiLo like usual...I even got 2 free reusable shopping bags this week!
Publix: Subtotal $145.94 - Savings/Coupons $102.63 = TOOP $43.31
BiLo: Subtotal $39.41 - Savings/Coupons $29.14 = TOOP $10.27
Totals: Subtotal $185.35 - Savings/Coupons $131.77= TOOP $53.58
Total Savings: $131.77/$185.35 = 71%

So, I bought groceries, dog food, and even light bulbs this week for my family for less than $60 dollars this week! IS that extreme enough for you? I think this is more realistic than anything you gonna see on TLC! I wish they would show REAL stories...Stories of how families manage to feed and buy their family's necessities for a fraction of a family that doesn't coupon. That's the real extreme couponing!
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  1. I came to your blog via Southern Savers Linky, and loved your comments on the "Extreme Couponing" show. That's exactly how I feel too! Please stop by and visit my blog when you have a chance. And great job this week, saving 71%, cat and all...:)