Saturday, April 23, 2011

$$$ in the Mail....

On top of all the savings, freebies, and great coupons this month, I've found ways to make a little money! So far this month, I have $9.00 in checks, plus I got 10 in cash, for $19.00 total! I'm expecting about another $26 as well, because I have 2 more $3.00 surveys and another $10 from another survey that payment should be coming for as well as a 9.99 single check rebate from RiteAid. Here's what I've gotten so far...

$10 in cash from a survey in snail mail
$1 check from Miller High Life
$2 check from RiteAid (SCR)
$3 check for a survey from Pinecone Research
$3 check for a survey from Pinecone Research

And if I get all the others this month, I should have made $45 dollars just from surveys and such! Not too bad...I also have $10 at Crowdtap, but I don't want to cash it out till I get around $30.Pin It

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