Monday, April 18, 2011

BzzAgent: Covergirl NatureLuxe Review with Before/After Pics

Okay, a few days ago, I posted about a website BzzAgent where you get to voice your opinions and try products from campaigns. Here is the original post. I received this product this weekend in the mail, but haven't had the time to try it out till today. Here is my initial review....with my lovely before and after pics...BzzAgent and Covergirl, you should be pleased, because I hate taking pics and I hate even more putting them where other people can see them! :D

Before Pic
After Pic
 I thought this color would be way off for me, but actually I found it to be just right! I was pleasantly surprised at this! Also, I haven't worn actual liquid foundation in quite a few years, but I expected it to be heavy and thick . Instead, I found it to be light and creamy. Also, after putting it on, it had a soft texture, not dewy or tacky. I think I could get used to wearing it! The coverage was great...I have a lot of blemishes and red tones in my face, and it did very well to cover that up, which is probably the biggest selling point for me. It also did not make my face have a "burning" sensation that I sometimes get after applying some face products and so far I have not had any new breakout areas. As for the gloss, I'm not really a lip gloss or lipstick kinda gal, but I liked the texture of it well enough. I can't say anything special about it other than its not thick or grimy feeling. I will say that the color is way too pink for me...I like a very light pink or a dark mauve color and this was not either of those. It's a pretty color, but not especially a favorite of mine. Also, I prefer more shimmer and this was more like a matte finish. After seeing the pics though, I can't say that it was a bad color on actually looks quite natural. All in all, pretty impressed with Covergirl and their new lineup of products!

I plan on sharing this with some friends and family, so you might see some more updates on this product soon! Also, I've already had some friends tell me they currently use the NatureLuxe products and they love them! And, to make this even more fun, I got some great coupons to share! So, friends and family, let me know if you want to try it out in a comment or on Facebook!

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