Saturday, March 26, 2011

My Shopping Week...Dog Food & Almay!

Okay, first of all I have to say, I have very sensitive (and weird) skin. Almost everything breaks me out. I thought acne was supposed to go away when you were an adult. Well, apparently someone LIED to me. I suffer from pretty bad acne even now at almost 29 years old. It's embarrassing and aggravating. It makes me feel bad about myself. Alright, now that we have that out of the way, I can explain to you that I don't wear much makeup. I know that seems backwards, most people would cover it up with the makeup, but I have found that it just makes it worse. I almost always have a huge breakout after wearing makeup, even after properly taking it off. It's maddening. But, about a year ago I spontaneously visited a Bare Minerals (Escentuals?) store. And, I've been in love ever since. I can't say to you that I never break out after wearing it, but I can say that it only happens once in a while and then it is never a full breakout, just a few pop up. So, I can't say that I'm a huge drugstore makeup fan even if its free. So, this week the basically free Almay deal at Walgreens did not excite me. Not at least until I read that you got 5 Register Rewards back for buying the almost free Almay. Then, I got excited. And, I've been super excited about my crazy cheap Pedigree dog food and dog treats from Publix and BiLo this week too! And, I of course went back to CVS to fix the candy deal I messed up. Here's the breakdown:

Publix & Bilo
Savings & Coupons=136.72
Total Spent= 99.20
Not as well as usual, but a lot of stuff was things we were out of and I didn't have coupons for it. Just the sandwich stuff alone cost $30 (breads, mayo, lunch meat, tomato). Still not too bad though. Savings of 58%.
Publix & Bilo (continued)

Publix & Bilo- Just Dog Food & Treats! I had to do this seperate...I was super pleased with all of this! 4 bags of Pedigree dog treats, 6 (4.4lb) bags of Pedigree dog food and then 1 (20lb) bag of Pedigree dog food for a total of 46.4 lbs of dog food.
Savings & Coupons=47.57
Total Spent=10.32
Savings of 82%! I feel like I stole the dog food! LOL
CVS Spring Beauty Almay Deal...I actually went back one more time and got 2 more of the eye makeup remover towelttes, so I actually have 32 RR just from this deal! WOW!

What I bought to fix the deal I messed up. I actually only need 3 to complete it, but I had a CVS coupon in my mailbox to take 2.00 off when I bought 10, so I bought 10, which only cost me 3.00 and I (finally) got my 3.00 ECB for it. It also printed a bunch of other coupons for me, not really sure why.

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