Sunday, March 27, 2011

Best Drugstore Trip EVER!

 Alright, I don't know why, but I totally love trying new lotions, body wash, gum, deodorant, etc. I know it seems silly to get excited about such products, but I do! I love my weekend drugstore trips and the fact that I pretty much come away spending basically nothing, makes me love it even more! I went to a couple different stores today. I actually went shopping twice today, once this morning with my mom (CVS, Walgreens, & RiteAid) and then I went back out after seeing some of the deals in person and hit some up with Shannon and the kids.  I needed a few things at Walmart & Target this week too, so I tried Target out for the first time, and then tried out Walmart's "new" coupon policy. Here's how I fared:

CVS (2 Dove Deodorant/2 Axe Body Wash) 
Subtotal= 22.68 Savings/Coupons=21.56 Total Spent w/tax= 1.12
Received 5.00 in ECB for buying!
RiteAid (2 StayFree) 
Subtotal=8.33 Savings/Coupons=7.40 Total Spent w/tax=0.84
Received 1.40 in UP+ for buying!
Walgreens (Aveeno, Snickers, Colgate, caramels) 
Subtotal=85.89 Savings/Coupons=79.17 Total Spent w/tax=6.72
Received 14.00 in RR for buying!

Walmart (4 Gain Fabric Softener & 1 filler item not pictured)
Subtotal= 13.86 Savings/Coupons=12.00 Total Spent w/tax= 1.86

RiteAid-2nd Trip 
Subtotal= 73.00 Savings/Coupons=65.75 Total Spent w/tax= 7.25
Received 1.49, 5.00, and 4.00 UP+ for buying!
CVS-2nd Trip
Subtotal= 12.40 Savings/Coupons=10.99 Total Spent w/tax= 1.41
Subtotal= 18.92 Savings/Coupons=11.68 Total Spent w/tax= 7.24
Received a $5.00 Gift Card for buying!

Okay, Walmart officially sucks. Even with their new policy, they are NOT coupon friendly at all. The lady was extremely rude and fought with me over these coupons. First, she tried to tell me I could only use one in one transaction. I showed her ON THE COUPON where it stated "limit of one per item purchased" & "limit of 4 per transaction". She scowled at me. I smiled sweetly. Then, she totally freaked out when they rang up for 1.87 and my coupon was for 3.00 off each. She told me she couldn't do that. I very firmly explained Walmart's overage policy and explained that was the reason for my "filler item" to cover the overage. She got super pissed off with me and started taking it out on the cash register, but regardless, I got my stuff for free +tax! She was not a happy camper. I almost wish I had about 20 more of these coupons to go back to her 5 times in a row and make her pay me cash out of her register to "buy" them! LOL :D  

But, Target was fun! I had no beeping and the cashier was very friendly! I think I could occasionally hit them up for their deals! 

Totals for the whole shopping trip today:
Subtotal with Tax=235.08
Total Spent with Tax=26.44
Savings of 89%!

NEW "Store Currency" Totals: 
Extra Care Bucks 8.00
Register Rewards 34.00
UP+ 10.49
Target Gift Card 5.00

*Also, I just realized that I bought 2 items at RiteAid that qualify for $2.00 in SCR (single check rebates). I've never done it before, but it seems easy enough. I enter the receipt info online at the website and supposedly in a few weeks I will get my check. Hmmmm......

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  1. how many coupons did you use at Walgreens for the Aveno?

  2. Hi! I did 2 separate transactions:
    -Free bottle of Aveeno Moisturizer up to 10.99 (I think this was a rebate back in Jan?)
    -Buy 2 Get One Free (printable)
    -$3/2 Aveeno (SS 3/16 i think?)
    -Buy 2 Get One Free (printable)
    -$3/2 Aveeno (SS 3/16 i think?)
    -$1 off Aveeno (also SS, same page)

    I also had a ton of RR leftover from the Almay deal the week before! I hope that helps!