Wednesday, March 23, 2011

House Parties, Free Samples, Earn $$$$, etc Websites

Okay, I'm new to this, but so far I've found these to be great sites to get really good free samples and do house party type things.

*Crowdtap-Seems to be a great site! I've only been a member for 18 days now, but I already qualified for a sample share of Playtex Sport wipes and apparently not too long ago they had one with Old Navy for FREE jeans! (wishing I would've got in on that one lol!) I have also earned 5.00 already and it seems that you earn money for a fav charity as well. Can't go wrong there! Here's a link to get to it:

*HouseParty-Another really cool site! If you search house party on my blog or use the tags, you will find the Philadelphia one that I hosted. It was awesome with TONS of really good freebies for both me and my guests! My mom just got picked for the Kraft Sandwich one, so hopefully I will have another "review" of their "services" in the next couple of weeks. There are tons of parties to apply to, so get to it!

*Partique-Just signed up...Will update you as soon as I know more about the site. Seems to be similar to HouseParty but not nearly as busy.

*MomSelect-Just signed up; No clue. Website is kinda vague.

*RecycleBank-Do things "green" to earn points that can be redeemed for rewards like high dollar coupons. Pretty cool site.

*MyCokeRewards- Okay, I'm sure most people know about this site, but I'm super excited about using my reward points to get awesome coupons for Coke products that I can use at the drugstores to get their "currency"! :D

*e-Rewards- Kinda a normal survey site. It's okay for a basic survey site. I've done tons of these sites and been disappointed with about all of them, so I have to say that this one is decent in the fact that I have earned quite a few rewards through them. But, surveys are time consuming and this is no different, so it depends on whether you think it is worth your time or not. I think the only way to get a membership is from one of their sponsors sending you an email though. I believe I got in through my blockbuster online membership. (Which reminds me, I need to cancel- no sense paying for it when I get all the free movie codes at the kiosks!) You can check it out though here:

*The Pink Panel- just joined so not really sure, but it is supposed to be to provide insight on new beauty products. Looking forward to this one, I love trying new makeup, skincare, and haircare! This one seems to use Facebook as its homepage and it doesn't look like it does stuff regularly- only about 4x times a year, but
it looks like they might do giveaways more often.

*Vocalpoint-great way to score high value coupons and great samples. I've requested a couple from them, haven't gotten them yet, but other bloggers seem to find it trustworthy.

*SheSpeaks-Another opinion site about different products.  Basically trying it for free and then sharing about it! Looking forward to it!

*BzzAgent-Another opinion based site! Again, not sure about it, but it has good feedback!

*KraftFirstTaste-another way to score high value coupons and great samples! I've already gotten quite a few from this website! Very nice!

I'm sure there are some more good ones out there...Will update as I find them. LOLPin It

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