Saturday, February 26, 2011

RUN, RUN, as fast as you can; Can't catch me, I'm the Couponing Mommy!

Okay, so while talking to my hubby today about my coupons...I was telling him about my most recent Publix trip. I believe the total was around 140 and my actual cost was 23 after coupons and savings. I felt like I should run or something...Surely they weren't going to let me walk out with a huge buggy full of groceries and only pay 23 bucks! That story about the gingerbread man came to mind...Okay so now that you know how my crazy mind works, I'm going to brag about my CVS trip tonight!

CVS is by far my most favorite place to shop right now other than Publix...Their weekly ads come out on Sundays but my store starts the new sale about 6pm on Saturday nights. The time I decide to go really depends on what the sales are for the week. I do NOT like going to these stores and not find what I came for. It just really makes me all agitated, so I try to be like the first one in to shop the good sales! In other words, if I think I might run into problems getting what I need, I go Sat evening and if I think it won't be an issue, then I go Sunday mornings at 8am. Tonight was one of those nights that I wasn't sure, so I went. Here's the list and how I did it:

ECB left from last week: 12.75

1st Transaction:
3 Dove Men Care Body Wash=  9.00 (3.00 each)
2 Dove Men Care Deodorant=    7.00 (3.50 each)
Total=                                         16.00
2.00 off 1 Dove Deodorant x2=   -4.00
1.00 off 1 Dove Body Wash x3= -3.00                 
Total after coupons=                      9.00
ECB used total (3, 4, 2)               -9.00                 
TOTAL DUE (without tax)            0.00
ECB Received from Transaction= 5.00

2nd Transaction:
2 Kashi TLC Granola Bars     =    6.00 (3.00 each)
2 Crest ProHealth Toothpaste=    6.58 (3.29 each)

Total=                                         12.58
2.00 off 1 Kashi Product     x2=   -4.00
0.75 off 1 Crest Toothpaste x2=  -1.50                 
Total after coupons=                     7.08
ECB used total (5, 0.75)              -5.75                 
TOTAL DUE (without tax)            1.33
ECB Received from Transaction= 8.58 

NEW ECB Total=11.58

Only spent 1.33 (pre-tax) on EVERYTHING! The key to shopping at CVS and any other drugstore is to get their "currency" (ExtraCareBucks, RegisterRewards, or UPs+) and NEVER EVER EVER run out. Always buy things on that will rollover your "currency" so you don't pay cash for anything but tax. I hardly ever use my ECB on things that don't pay me back.

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