Sunday, February 27, 2011

And who said drugstores were too expensive?

Okay, so I used to say that. I hated HATED hated going to the drugstore to buy anything because I always felt they were wayyy overpriced. But, I guess if you are shopping with coupons and you can use their currency, its not so bad! I ended up at CVS this morning again because I wanted the deal on the toothbrushes but one of the coupons was in today's paper. So, first I got my paper and cut them out before hitting the store. Then, my mom wanted to do Rite Aid and while I wasn't trying to do Rite Aid, we usually go together, so I went with her and got a few things. Then, we hit Walgreens. Long morning, I don't usually do this much, but WOW!  

I spent 2.65 TOTAL before tax (7.60 with tax). Considering that just ONE of the toothbrushes cost 10 bucks, I'm pretty happy! Total before savings and coupons would have been over 105! So, I saved over a 100 dollars today! Whoo hoo! Plus, I have 12.58 in ECB left for CVS, 5.00 in +UP Rewards at Rite Aid, and 9.00 in Register Rewards for Walgreens.

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