Saturday, July 8, 2017

Blog Update

This blog, when first started, was about saving money and couponing. I started it in February of 2011, almost 6.5 years ago. This was shortly after my hubs had been diagnosed with ESRD and had started dialysis. I also went back to college at that time in my life, so my family was struggling to make ends meet. Today, that has not changed much, but my reason for having a blog has. This fall, I will start my student teaching to finally finish my long college journey (you can read about this here). Over the years, I have stopped couponing in any real capacity. I simply have found that I literally do not have the time for it. I'm a mom to three kids, wife to a husband who has now had a kidney transplant, soccer team manager, college student, substitute teacher, and so much more. Instead, this blog is being updated to still be about saving money, but it will no longer be based on coupons. I have a lot of ideas floating around right now for some new blog posts, so I hope you stick around!

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