Saturday, December 31, 2011

January means SWEATERS!

 Get Cute and Cozy at Old Navy’s Bundle-Up Bash!
I know a lot of the country has already had snow, but as I sit here on December 31st typing, it is going to be 65 degrees today. Not exactly sweater and scarf weather. So, while I loved this hosted party from Old Navy and Crowdtap, I can't really give a good impression of my outfits till it starts to finally get cold here in Lexington, SC- usually mid January and February, maybe some in March. While it stinks to only get about 3 months of the year to be able to wear all that Cute & Cozy warmness from Old Navy, it is nice that I don't wear it out in one season, and of course most of Old Navy's pieces are basic classics with a flair, so I don't have to worry too much about them going out of style. So, with that being said, I was still excited to try out the new sweaters and accessories from Old Navy and share them with 3 of my friends. I choose to take some of my favoritest people in the world that I love the most, which are, my bestie Crystal, my mom Pam, and my hopefully-soon-to-be sister-in-law Kellie. This has probably been my favorite hosted party yet!

We started out by all meeting together at my house and riding together. We grabbed a quick lunch, and headed up to our local Old Navy store. I think it was really cool to already get together talking about what our ideal outfit for the winter was. It was interesting to talk to my friends/family about what their style and preferences were. I like to feel "well put together"- you know, like everything was made to go together in an outfit. It just...fits. Anyway. When we arrived, Crystal tried to get hit by a car by taking this picture and posting it to here is our "before" picture...laughing at her! :D
Okay, so moving on, we all went our separate ways almost immediately. It's funny how different we all are! I had a huge stack almost immediately, but I was having some issues finding sizes. I think that can be absolutely THE MOST frustrating thing about shopping anywhere- not having all the sizes in stock. I know they can't have tons of merchandise on the shelves, but it is highly aggravating. Good thing I like online shopping- I found quite a few things not in my size that I grabbed online at Old Navy's website when I got home!

Almost all of really liked the Double V-Neck Pullovers and we all really liked the Scarves, but I ended up grabbing a hat  as well as some Popcorn Sweater Boots to pull my whole outfit together. I also went with the Sweetheart Skinny Jeans in Sterling Grey. I really like the cut of these, they fit really well on me and I don't feel like my (ahem) crack is showing all the time. I don't like really high cut pants either, but I can't be a mom in jeans that every time I bend or squat, my bootie is flashing everyone behind me. Anyway, you will see more of Old Navy's Winter selections in the slideshow below! :)
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Well, I am trying something different this time with the pictures, since we had so many. This is a neat little slideshow program. You will have to let me know how you like it. I thought it was really neat!

And of course, here is a few of the sweaters and accessories I've bought since hosting this party...I actually have a few more, but my gray sweater cardigan and Old Navy trouser jeans were dirty, so they missed out on the fun! :)

Now if we could just see some colder weather! 
*Hoping for some snow!*
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