Friday, June 3, 2011

Eating Healthy with Coupons?

Anyone that knows me, knows I'm not a huge fan of "unhealthy" foods for my family. But, my husband is the king of fast food and junk food. So, I try to compromise and get things for my family that are decent. I actually am taking a nutrition class this summer towards my ADN and finding I'm wayyyy more interested in this subject than I would've ever originally thought! For instance, I bought eggplant at BiLo this week (on sale for 1.00) and introduced it to my family. I wanted to grill it, but it looked like rain, so I sliced it, brushed olive oil on it, and sprinkled a little salt and fresh pepper on it. Then I broiled it till it looked a little golden, and topped it with a small amount of mozzarella cheese and melted it slightly under the broiler as well. Then, we had some spaghetti sauce for dipping! While I don't think it was my kids' new favorite or anything, they ate it well enough! And I LOVED it! Too bad my husband wouldn't even touch it though. Oh well! At least my kids are eating new nutritious foods! Anyway, I shopped Publix like usual this week. I haven't been able to take any pics because its so hot outside, I have to come home after Publix and put it all up right away! Here's my totals for Publix this week (I'm being realistic and don't feel like adding in BiLo as I have a birthday party tomorrow for my youngest and I'm still cleaning house plus like 4 tests next week):

2 Combat Quick Kill
John Frieda Root Awakening Restoring Smooth Lotion
Lg Cool Green Bag (for transporting frozen food back to my house during our 110 degree days)
TOOP 0.86
Total Saved 17.00 or 95%

Tasteful Selections Potatoes
8 boxes of Jala Yogurt Bars
Fresh Express Caesar Salad Kit
2 Packs of Trans Ocean Crab
2 Tubs of Dove Ice Cream
2 Mrs T's Pierogi
2 boxes of Ronzoni Garden Delights Pasta
TOOP 12.91
Total Saved 54.81 or 81%

Now, I know that not everything here is what one would call "healthy", but the Jala bars are super delicious and not too bad at all for you! I actually am hoping to head back tomorrow morning and get some rain checks as my freezer has no room for more, but I would love to have these instead of ice cream for the kids this summer! We've already tried the Blueberry Vanilla Swirl and we all thought they were crazy good! And I have to say...Before coupons, this is not something I would've ever bought...We would've just had some cheap wally world ice cream full of fat and calories to snack on. So, this is much better! And I already took both the crab meats and made a pasta salad with the Ronzoni, a bag of steamfresh peas,  a bag of frozen chopped onions/celery/peppers, and some fat free Italian dressing! The kids loved it and there is a ton of veggies in there!Pin It

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