Sunday, March 6, 2011

I ❤ My Walgreens!

So, earlier this week, I did a deal at Walgreens that where you purchased $15 dollars of certain items and you would get $15 in coupons printed out. Well, since we are going on a weekend getaway this next weekend, I thought it would be in my best interest to have plenty of snacks and sodas to bring...Especially MY Coke Zero! (Disclaimer: I'm addicted to Coke Zero...I used to be a regular Coca Cola addict, you can ask anyone, I NEED the stuff. Without it, I become "a not-so-nice person" and that's being polite! I don't like diet soda, so when they came out with Zero, I was skeptical...But, now I'm hooked! No sugar and great Coke taste! Plus, my drug of choice, CAFFEINE!) So, when I realized one of the coupons was for 2 bucks off a pack of Coke Zero and it would attach to EVERY pack of Coke bought, I said, ummm yeah, how do I get those coupons?! I ended up getting the Hersheys Drops/Pieces bags (6 total) and used coupons on them to make the 15 dollar total actually only cost 5 dollars. Then, I got my coupons for Coke Zero and a bunch of other GREAT products! Stay with me......

Before today (Sunday), Walgreens had Coke products on sale 3/$13, so I figured with the $2 off coupon, it was going to cost me $7 to buy 3 packs of Coke Zero. Plus, I was planning to buy some peanuts to add to it in order to get the coupons yet AGAIN! So, I went Saturday to get them. But, they were completely out of Coke Zero. The guy helping me told me to get a raincheck, but when I got to the front, the cashier talked to the manager, and he said he would have 4 packs waiting on me Sunday (4 b/c the sale was changing to 4/$14), if I wanted to come back in the morning. Well, since I knew I would be coming back anyway (and it made for an even BETTER deal), I told them that would be fine. Fast forward.....

I get to Walgreens this morning, only to look around and still see NO Coke Zero products. Well, I went and got the few other items I was there to get, and then, went and asked the cashier. He called the (same) manager who came up and told me that he "was sooo sorry but the truck did not come in BUT he sent one of his other cashier's to another store to pick up 4 packs of Coke Zero for ME!" Lots of  ❤! And sure enough, a few minutes later, the poor rain soaked girl came in the store carrying MY 4 cases...SOOOO, I got all 4 cases after coupons for 6 DOLLARS! Did I tell you, I ❤ My Walgreens!

That being said, let me tell you about my sales. First of all, you should know, I originally had NO plan to hit the stores this weekend b/c I didn't need anything that was going to be at that "stock up price". But, then I remembered that I won't be shopping (OMG withdrawals!) next weekend because we will be in the mountains with some other couples (looking forward to it!). And sure enough, my UPs from RiteAid and my RR from Walgreens were going to expire before I even got back. GRRRR! So, I came up with some lame scenarios to get the few things I wanted and still come out with a little bit of store currency. Here's what I got:

Okay, my mom wanted to hit all 3 stores again...So, since I knew I only need to scan my green tag at CVS one more time to get a dollar ECB, I bought my newspapers there and scanned it. So, no real savings to post but, my new ECB Total is 13.58 now! Then, on to, RiteAid. I had 5 in UPs that was expiring, here's how I used it:

Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap Dispenser        7.49 (reg 14.99)
Manufacturer Coupon                                       -3.00
Aquafina 24pk 16.9 fl oz bottles                         3.99
UPs Coupons                                                   -5.00
Total (before tax)                                               3.48
UPs coupons received                                        3.00 (1 for water/2 for soap)
Total Savings                                                     16.50

Next, Walgreens! ❤ :) LOL! Well, you already know about my coke deal, but here is the whole transaction:

4 Cases of Coke Zero (3.50 each)                 14.00
Store Coupon (2.00 off each pack)                -8.00
2 Bounce Dryer Bars (3.99 each)                    7.98
Manufacturer Coupon (0.50 each)                 -1.00
Mr. Clean Magic Eraser 2 Pk                          2.50
Manufacturer Coupon                                   -0.75
Planters Cashews Can                                    3.00
Planters Mixed Nuts Can                                3.00
RR Coupons                                                 -9.00
Total (before tax)                                          11.73
RR Received                                                  3.00 (Plus more $15 coupons!)
Total Savings                                                 33.78

I was not overly impressed with my "haul" this week, but I guess it was still decent all things considering. Really wish I wouldn't have been dealing with expireds! 
Subtotal 65.49
Saved 50.28
Actual Cost (pre-tax) 15.21
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