Friday, June 8, 2012

Review: May Cravebox- A Taste of the Tropics

So, if you read my blog, you will know that I somehow missed out on SheSpeaks program that would've included me in the beta of Cravebox. Which in turn, had me drooling at the mouth watching all the cool things Cravebox was getting out to their members. So, when Cravebox finally had some spots open up- I was ALL over it! lol :D I was finally included, and May was my first Cravebox experience.

Now, as excited as I am about sharing this box of F-A-N-T-A-S-T-I-C goodies, I think it would be helpful to share what exactly Cravebox is and does. Basically, every month, Cravebox puts together a box of goodies and offers it at a super low price of only $10 a month. It's a subscription service, but you can choose not to continue at any time. I personally have it set up so that I have to pay for it manually every month; I don't like things coming out of my bank account automatically, so this works best for me. You pay, it shows up on your door- and VIOLA! you have wonderful new products to test, try, taste, and brag about!

So, on to the box of goodies! First off, it was seriously like opening a present. It was all wrapped up and with bows and tissue paper and fun little paper crinkles! It included a lovely note letting me know that this month's theme (how cool is that? I love themes! LOL) was "A Taste of the Tropics". So, what was included, you ask? Check out the Smilebox for pics and then the detailed description of each item below:

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Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub in Coconut Lime- yummy scent when using, leaves skin so soft and smooth and feels wonderful as you rub it in circular motions in the bath. You can use it in the shower too, but I just love the way a bath makes you feel all pampered and relaxed. Leaves a light coconut lime scent that is slightly less strong than when using.

Skintersection Intense Repair Cream- thick moisturizer, consistency like body butter from other brands. Very light scent, to none at all. I wash my hands a lot, and right now I'm in clinicals for my nursing degree, so I am washing them even more, plus using a lot of harsh alcohol rubs and putting gloves on all day long. My hands are chapped, peeling, and generally rough because I have such sensitive skin. I used this, and within about a day, they were soft and replenished looking! I'm so excited to keep this one around. I only wish they had a smaller container or tube so that I could throw it in my pocket for all day use. Non-greasy feeling afterwards too!

Lipton Tea & Honey in Mango Pineapple- to go packet; I added this to a cup of iced water from my filtered water pitcher and I was impressed! I don't usually like a lot of flavored packets, so I wasn't expecting to care for this one much. And I don't usually care for mango flavored anything (just like the fruit!) but this has a really yummy honey flavor that is light and fruity. I could definitely see myself picking this up in the store; and thanks to the fifty cent coupon that was included with my sample, I'm sure I will! And even better- ONLY five cals per 8 oz serving! And one packet makes TWO servings- a 16.9 oz bottle! Better yet, my kids think this stuff tastes pretty awesome too, and it comes in pitcher sizes!

Sunsweet Plum Amazins Diced Dried Plums- I love dried fruit, but never tried dried plums before. These have just the right texture and all the taste of a real plum! I think these will be a great snack to throw in my pocket for clinicals and on the go! I may even try putting some in some greek yogurt- I just can't seem to keep a bag around long enough to try it before I eat it! LOL! And, the fifty-five cent coupon with recipes was a nice touch- I'm currently on the lookout for a sale to pair it up with!

Guylian Artisanal Belgian Chocolates-I'm going to be honest here and tell you this was actually the disappointment in my Cravebox. I love chocolate and I have stashes of it hidden all over my bedroom and desk for when I have a craving hit. So, I was super excited to try out a new kind of chocolate I've never had before. But, when I opened the package, it had melted. :( I guess the hot weather of the south was not chocolate friendly to it. On the bright side, I was able to pop a piece of the chocolate out of the container and it still was super yummy. I wasn't able to distinguish between the chocolate and the truffle part though and that to me is one of the best parts of eating a truffle! I'm sure these would have been simply wonderful- a piece of heaven in my mouth- if they had not been all melted together. Instead, they were just another piece of yummy chocolate, which wasn't all bad!

So, my overall view of Cravebox- I can't wait for June's! New products at a great price, please count me in! Two things I would change though:
1. Don't send chocolate in the summer. (lol)
2. Send more coupons with the products that have them- let me share some of the goodness! 

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  1. I got my first box this May too! I love it! I am in Seattle so the chocolates were fine for me (we are not hot right now..just rainy!)

    I can't wait for next month.

  2. That's awesome- they still tasted yummy! :D I wish I could've seen them in their seashell shape, but they still tasted good, so that's what really matters! And I can't wait too! LOL