Thursday, April 19, 2012

Grocery Store Finals 4/18-4/24

Grocery Store Totals
Subtotal $233.01
Savings & Coupons $164.23
Total Out Of Pocket $68.78
Savings of 70.5%

This is one of those weeks that the grocery stores actually make me happy. I think by now, most of you know that my favorite shopping is always done at the drugstores. I think the grocery stores aggravate me because I see shoppers holding their coupons & shopping lists tightly while swiping shelves clean. You don't have to be a shelf-clearer to create a stockpile. Anyway- we won't get on that again! LOL

Subtotal $85.13
Savings/Coupons $63.02

TOOP $22.11
Savings of 74%

Subtotal $147.88
Savings/Coupons $101.21

TOOP $46.67
Savings of 68.4%
Due to my time limitations with school, I've missed going shopping on the first day of the grocery store sales for a while now, so being able to hit the stores early on the first day- WOW! Everything I wanted on my lists was still well-stocked and I had plenty of flavors to choose from. I was really excited about how well the grocery stores have turned out this week for me- how did you do? Post a comment with your totals below! :)
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