Monday, March 12, 2012

BzzAgent: Smarterer

Whooooseeee Smarterer than me?

Sorry, couldn't resist! Okay, so as a BzzAgent, I've been included in a special campaign to help launch a new site called Smarterer. At first, I was like "yeah...okay. It's just a new site that tests you and gives you a score." time as progressed, I've really found myself having fun with it! It does all kinds of sites, like BzzAgent, Facebook, Powerpoint, Excel...AND SO MUCH MORE! So far I've only had fun with the BzzAgent one, simply because my time is limited, but I'm currently taking a class this semester with Microsoft Office 2010, so I'm really interested in taking the ones on some of those programs and seeing if I actually have learned anything!~ LOL! So, what are you waiting for? Are YOU smarterer than ME?
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