Monday, January 30, 2012

Tums, Cat Food, and Conditioner!

This week I was excited about getting Tums for free. I know that doesn't excite many people, but this particular week, it does me! For those that don't know yet, my husband was diagnosed rather unexpectedly in the ER with End-Stage Renal Disease about two and half years ago. To simplify that term, his kidneys no longer work. He doesn't pee. Therefore, he has to have his blood cleaned at a dialysis clinic 3 times a week for four hours each time. He has a lot of medical issues due to this, and of course, he is now completely medically disabled. It's been a long road and we are no where near the end of it, but that is why I am in school and why I coupon. Living off of a disability check every month is impossible with 3 kids and 2 adults (and a cat!). Anyway, getting back to the point with the Tums. A little over a week ago, I went to pick up my husband's prescriptions for the month and about had a heart attack when they told me it would be over $2000 dollars. Obviously, something had happened, so I went back home prescription-less. After doing some digging, we apparently had been on a program to help with our prescriptions and for some reason, it had been canceled on us. No one is exactly sure why, and it seems that we will be able to get it back, but now it is a waiting game. So, in the meantime, we don't have his meds. One of the most important ones is a binder that he must take with EVERYTHING he eats and drinks. So, while we wait, he can substitute this med with Tums. So, now you see why this was so important to me!
My son playing his DS with his head on Athena (our hungry kitty) and her "cleaning" him.
I don't know why she insists on doing this! LOL
On the other hand, we were also out of conditioner and cat food. My cat has been sitting next to her bowl for the last day and half attacking anyone that dared to come close. Let's just say, she's not been really happy with me. :D So, cat food for free was awesome too! Here's the totals:

Started out with $5 ECB's.
Subtotal $50.93
Savings/Coupons $48.25
TOOP $2.68
Savings of 94.7%

Left with $8.87 ECB's.

Started out with $12 RR's.
Subtotal $23.02
Savings/Coupons $21.97
TOOP $1.05
Savings of 95.4%

Left with $4 RR's.

Subtotal $21.00
Savings/Coupons $17.00
TOOP $4.00
Savings of 81%
Plus, each bag of Iams cat food had a $3.00/1 Iams Cat food coupon in it!

Subtotal $215.98
Savings/Coupons $95.99
TOOP $119.99
Savings of 44%
And best of all, this was all free for me
since I am still using those Bi-Lo Gift Cards I won!
AND I left with 80 cents in Fuel Perks!

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