Monday, October 17, 2011

Walmart Savvy! And a Quick Bi-Lo Trip...

 Okay, I can honestly say since I started this whole coupon thing, I haven't been shopping really. There has been no need for anything besides produce, bread, and milk, and meats. Since I've been having a really time consuming semester, I took a break. I've actually enjoyed my time "off" and I fully recommend trying it for any of you that are starting to feel a little overwhelmed or just plain tired. So, this week, I made a quick trip to Bilo to grab some staples and a few of the deals and then I hit up Walmart on Saturday evening to grab some items that I had free coupons for and try to get some overages on my cat litter, lol!

Walmart Trip
1 Garnier Herbashine HairColor
2 Reynolds Slow Cooker Liners
4 Old Spice Travel Size Body Wash
9 Crave Cat Treat Pouches
2 Cover Girl Face Sponges
2 Jergens Natural Glow Foaming Moisturizer
1 Breeze Cat Litter Pellets
2 AquaFresh Extreme Clean Travel Size Toothpaste
4 Dr. Pepper TEN 2L bottles 
Subtotal $62.92
Coupons $58.08
TOOP $4.84
Savings of 92%

Bi-Lo Trip
1 Idaho Spuds Potato Bits
4 Betty Crocker Potatoes
4 Chef Boyardee
1 Lil Hug Drink
8 Healthy Choice Meals
1.95 lb Bottom Round Roast
2.45 lb Cube Steak
2 Hormel Mini Pepperoni
6 lb of Tangerines
2 lb of Baby Carrots
1 head of Cauliflower
10 Buddy Fruits
5.44 lb of Honey Crisp Apples
Subtotal $120.05
Coupons/Savings $62.68
TOOP $57.37
Savings of 52%
*And technically, I still am using those giftcards I won to Bilo, so all of this was FREE!*
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