Saturday, June 18, 2011


Subtotals 125.12 - Savings 94.82 = 30.30 TOOP 
Total Savings 76%

Typical week, I went out to Publix and then BiLo for groceries. I really didn't see a whole lot on sale at either store, and I was actually very discouraged this week as a lot of the items I really wanted to get only 1 or 2 of for my family were cleared off the shelf. At Publix, they were the Lysol Healthy Touch Hand Soap Dispensers (just wanted 2), 2 OFF Clip-on refills for camping this next weekend and 2 of the flashlights also for camping this weekend. I would get a raincheck, but all 3 of these items were in the Yellow flyer and I was using the store coupons to get them, so no raincheck for coupons. So, I'll pass and maybe get lucky that I'll find a better or comparable deal soon. If not, no use crying over spilt milk, right? ;)   At Bilo, I was a little more frustrated as I just wanted ONE (JUST ONE!) dang olive oil as we are almost out. I got there the first day of the sale at 10am, and the shelf was completly cleared! Olive oil, really?! It wasn't even free...Anyway. I did get a raincheck for my ONE freakin olive oil. I also was wanting to use my raincheck for the Smart Balance milk that was 50 cents last week, and of course that was cleared as well. It probably didn't help that my store is remodeling and it was crazy insane in there...I had a hard time finding regular items as there was like a million rolling shelf carts EVERY WHERE. Okay, enough of that.

3 packs of Dannon Danimals yogurt
6 packs of Dannon Dan-o-nino yogurt
3 packs of Dannon Coolision yogurt
2 packs of Sargento Reduced Fat Colby Jack Slices
5 Think Thin protein bars
2 packs Crystal Light (quart size)
2 bottles of Dove Men Care Body Wash
2 Mentos Pure Fresh (50 ct)
2 boxes of Magnum Ice Cream bars
4 bags of Lean Cuisine Market Creations 
Subtotal 88.13-Savings 61.77= 26.36 TOOP   Savings of 70%

2 bags of Cape Code chips
8 bottles of Fuze
1 bottle of Glass Plus
2.41 lbs of Red Grapes
2 Stouffer's Farmers' Harvest single serve meals
Subtotal 36.99-Savings 33.05= 3.94 TOOP   Savings of 89%

Sorry, no pictures again this week...It is simply too hot already here. My groceries are screaming at me "We're melting!" by the time we get home...Stupid 100 degree days.Pin It

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