Monday, March 21, 2011

Weekend Drugstore Trip= Savings of 82% Even with Mistakes!

Well, because I didn't get to go last weekend, I had to go this weekend as I had some store "money" that was expiring. All in all, I had a good trip, but a few little mistakes happened.

I went to Walgreens first. As I know someone that can use them, I bought the Tena pads that were supposed to be on sale for 10 dollars, used a 2.50 coupon, and then I had the intentions of using a $3 and a $2 Register Reward, so I bought two pieces of caramel at 33 cents a piece. At the end, I would receive a $10 Register Reward. I was planning on paying around 3.00 out of pocket. But, for some reason the pads rang up for 6.49, so instead, I paid 1.22 (with tax) and still have a $2 RR. Hey, I'm not complaining! LOL  I also did the deal with the Chex Mix and Bugles that were on sale for 1.25 each and I had the $4/4 coupon. Since, I had two coupons, I got all 8 and spent only 2.00! So, fairly decent at this store, but the only aggravating part is that I still had a $2 RR that I need to use because it expires. I should have used it on the Bugles/Chex Mix deal, but I had done that one first! Mistakes Mistakes! I ended up going back in and getting the Always pads (and a caramel as the filler item to use the RR) on Monday at the 2.99 sale price each and using a $2 coupon on each with my $2 RR and getting back a $2 RR. If I would've bought them separate, I could've gotten a $2 RR for each of them, but I wanted to use my $2 RR to buy them so I wouldn't be paying for anything but tax.

Then, I went to CVS where I proceeded to mess up as well. LOL I got the Allegra deal (6.99-2.00 coupon and get back 6.99 ECB). I also had a $6 store coupon off of Physicians makeup, so I got a liquid eyeliner and some concealer. Since, my hubby was with me, I grabbed him a pack of Mentos gum (yikes, no coupon!) and used my 10 ECB from before. But, I was still short 1.80, so I lost 1.80 on the ECB. I got back a 6.99 one. And then, I had a huge stack of 50 cents off of 2 Cadbury eggs or the Reese's eggs and since they were on sale this week for 50 cents and then buy $10 worth and get $3 ECB, I thought I would stock up for my kids' Easter baskets. Well, I got 12 Reese's and 5 reg Cadbury and 5 caramel Cadbury. Coupons worked fine on all of them, but I failed to realize the caramel ones were NOT on sale and they were not included in the deal. So, I ended up paying a little more than expected and I still have to buy another 1.50 worth to get my ECB. Pooey. Messed up again!

Finally, I went to Rite Aid. And, here's where I really got messed up. I had a 2 UP and a 1 UP. I wanted to do the Old Spice deal where you buy 2/$7 and you get 1 UP. I had a coupon for buy one deodorant get one body wash free and I had a 1.00 off coupon. So, I should have been getting a deodorant and a body wash for 2.50 before UPs. I was doing this twice. Then, I was also doing the VEET deal where you use the store coupon for $3 off and a manufacturer coupon for $3 off and get 1 UP back. The particular VEET product I wanted was 6.49 so I was planning to pay 0.49. Okay, so I get to the register and I ask if I buy all the Old Spice together, will it print out both UP rewards for each one? The cashier doesn't know. Well, I would like to know, so I told her to just do it all in one transaction. As it turns out, this was actually a blessing in disguise or I wouldn't have gotten any UP rewards from the Old Spice. See, apparently, even though I'm 100% positive it should have been included, the body wash was not part of the deal. It rang up for 4.99 each. And my coupon maxed out at 3.99. So, I ended up paying $5 in deodorant, $2 in body wash, and 0.49 in the Veet after regular coupons and after UP rewards, it was right at $6 with tax. Phooey. Messed it all up again! But, to be honest, I think it might have been a store mess up...I think they were supposed to be on sale as that was the only Red Zone body wash in the whole store. GRRRRR! I walked away with only 1 UP from the Old Spice deal and 1 UP from the Veet. :(

SUMMARY (Tax included)

Walgreens  42.09 Subtotal-36.10 Savings= 5.99 Total Spent    12 RR
CVS          43.46 Subtotal-35.61 Savings= 7.85 Total Spent      6.99 ECB
Rite Aid     27.09 Subtotal-20.96 Savings= 6.13 Total Spent      2 UP
TOTAL  112.64 Subtotal-92.67Savings=19.97 Total Spent   
20.99 Total Store "Currency"
Saved 82% Total

Not too bad, I wish I wouldn't have messed up at CVS though. It should have been another 3 in ECB plus my total spent should have been about 1.00 cheaper. Instead I have to go back and spend another 1.50 to get the ECB. And I don't know what the heck happened at Rite Aid. I suppose I could go back and complain to a manager about it. Not sure if its worth all that though.Pin It

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