Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Publix + BiLo = 88.64

Publix and Bilo: I had to buy a few things again this week that I normally wouldn't get, but all of this for under a 100 dollars made me happy! I had a rain check for the Philly Cooking Creme, so I got each one for only 50 cents EACH! And I made my hubby happy with all the gum...He was out, and since he pretty much refuses to chew any other kind, I was ecstatic to find it on sale at BOTH stores and had plenty of coupons for it. I know that we use tons of this, so as soon as I see a coupon for it, I scour eBay and buy 20 count lots of them for about 2.00 total. I figure it works out in the end; I got the big packs for 1.50 each and the little packs for 67 cents each. The big packs come out cheaper, but I have q's for both, and we will use both, so I buy BOTH. Totals:  258.13 Subtotal-169.49 Savings/Coupons =88.64 TOTAL Spent. I saved 66% this week!
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